Thursday, September 21, 2006



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Finally I am back with the recipe:


2 cups dry roasted corn meal(dry roast the corn meal in a saute pan).
4 cups water.
1 sliced onion.
1/2 cup green peas ( we usually use mixed vegge).
4-5 sliced green peppers.
1/2" ginger diced.
1/2 spn mustard seeds.
few curry leaves.
oil to fry.
salt to taste.
2 tspns ghee.

1. Take a saute pan and heat oil&ghee (BY adding ghee and oil together the flavour of the bhath will be good),when the oil is warm,add mustard seeds and allow to sprakle,later add curry leaves.

2. After adding the curry leaves add the sliced ginger and fry till light golden,later add sliced onion and sliced green chillies and fry for few mnts.Now time to add some vegge's, When vegge's are half cooked add water and salt and allow the water to boil nicely.

3. When the water is boiled add the roasted corn meal slowly and mix well,allow the corn meal to cook,when it is cooked remove from the stove and serve hot with any kind of chutney or chicken curry the taste is awesome and its healthy value is also the same.


Anonymous said...

Looks like uppama tanuja..waiting for the recipe..

HariPriya said...

upma anukunta..bagaa decorate chesaaru...howz diksha??waiting for the recipe...

Linda said...

Hi Tanuja... I also guess some kind of upma... I see red onion/shallot... maybe peas on top. And is that a crust of bread? Is it wheat upma? Looks delicious whatever it is :)

Chandrika said...

Hi Tanuja,

First time here...The photo looks like a upma..isn't it? Anyway, looking forward to the recipe...

radhi said...

rava idli(?) bavundi :)

sudhav said...

Tanuja, it looks like it so? how r the kids doing...?

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Tanuja,
We do upma with rawa the same way. To try with cornmeal is a very good idea.. thanks for the recipe.

Foodie's Hope said...

Upma looks good, never tried with corn meal!! Your kids had a good time , I see! :)) Thanks for the recipe!!

Linda said...

Photos look very nice Tanuja, and so does the recipe! Thanks for sharing :)