Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Here is my families all time fav dish CHEPALA PULUSU (FISH CURRY) . I have this receipe from my grandma’s kitchen, I love grandma’s cooking style with out using any techinal help she prepares the food with lot of love . Staying far away from them today I miss all of them . I try to do the same kind she does but my receipe taste’s good but not exactly like her I still could not understand whyJ . I would like to share with everyone.


2 lb CAT FISH ( U can use any kind of fish) cut into medium size pieces.
2-3 meduim size onions sliced.
1 Tomato sliced.
3 green chillis cut into strips.
2 spoons tamarind pulp.
2 spoons fresh coconut grated ( if not dry coconut).
1spoon(tspn) red chillie powder.
¾ tspoon turmeric powder.
1 spoon salt.
1 spoon garam masala powder.
Fresh Coriander leaves to garnish.
1-2 spoons oil.
Curry leaves.
Butter milk to wash the fish (optional).


Wash the fish pieces with some butter milk and turmeric powder, by washing with turmeric and butter milk their wont be the stinky smell while cooking fish .

Take a wide pan , add oil to it when the pan is hot , add curry leaves when the oil gets hot. Later add onion and sliced green chillies. When they are half cooked add tomato sliced and cook for a while. When the onion and tomato are cooked add the fresh coconut , tamarind pulp and cook it for 1 minute, later add red chillie powder, turmeric powder, and salt to the pan and cook it well. When oil starts leaving the pan add some water to the pan and same time add the fish pieces and cook till the fish is cooked . Later add the garam masala powder and cook for 1-2 minutes. Remove from the stove and add fresh coriander leaves and garnish. Ur chepala pulusu is ready to eat.

Can be served with rice or roti. Do try this receipe and tell me how u like itJ.


KrishnaArjuna said...

Hi Tanuja, this is the one dish with fish that everyone likes. Although I am finding it hard to get any other fish(other than cat fish) which does not smell. Let me know if you have tried others which don't smell.

Tanuja said...

I tried king fish and smiles too for this receipe smiles r those which we call bomidayalu in andhra. try them and see u may like it.

Santhi said...

Hi Tanuja,

This is pretty muchhow I make chepalapulusu too. Yummy Yummy with hot rice.
And it always tastes better the next day.

Annita said...

Hi Tanuja,
In Kerala,we use kokum instead of Tamarind.But however ,this is pretty gud with rice & tapioca.

And u've got a nice blog going
Good work!!

Tanuja said...

Thank u santhi,annita for visiting my blog:)

Harsha said...

try's not bad either. no stinky smell :)

shashi said...

thanxs a lot for this wonderful recipe.... i never knew abt the buttermilk thing... i need to try it.....

Anonymous said...

hi Tanuja ,I AM SANDHYA,and i tried your dish, it is very tasty and even very easy to cook.any way thank you so much for your nice recipe.

sandeep reddy said...

thank you tanuja, good post.. kaani we have only salmon fish avaialable in this country... is it possible to get the same taste

chin said...

nice recipe...will try out today with cat fish.