Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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This savoury snack tastes good accomplished with a cup of hot coffee or tea, Its also served with the meal on festival days , It has rich falvour of spices and all kinds of lentils used in this receipe.


1/2 cup urad/ minapa pappu dhal (black gram).
1 cup sanaga pappu/channa dhal(chick pea).
¾ cup tuvar/kandi pappu dhal(pigeon beans).
¾ cup masoor/pesara pappu dhal.
¼ cup rice.
Salt according to taste.
3-4 green chillies sliced.
Ginger/garlic paste.
2-3 lavang(cloves).
1-2 dalchina chekka/dalchini(cinnamon).
10-15 pudina leaves(mint).
Coriander leaves.
Cumin ½ tspn.
Oil to fry.

Soak all the pulses and rice ingredients for 2 hrs and grind them coarsely without adding water, if u grind them watery it will observe more oil when deep frying. When the batter is grinded add salt,sliced green chillies,ginger/garlic paste,and mix the batter well. Powder the whole garam masala spiced to a coarsely powder(lavang,dalchini) and mix the spice powder to the pluse mix and then cut the pudina and coriander leaves and add to the batter mix lastly add some cumin to the batter mix well altogether and keep aside.

Meanwhile heat the oil ,when the oil is warm enough to fry the wadas, make small balls of the batter and flatten them and drop them in the hot oil and fry till the wadas turn golden brown and when the wadas are ready serve them with coconut chutney, it can also be served with mint chutney or coriander chutney. Enjoy the yummy yummy masala wadas.


Kay said...

I love masala vadas.. My mother often makes this.. A must in every feast.. yummy!

KrishnaArjuna said...

Masala vadas.. my all time favorite food stuff. Thanks for the recipe tanuja

Tanuja said...

yep ur right Kay:))

Tanuja said...

Its my pleasure arjuna:)

Vineela said...

U r masala vadas r looking good.

Anonymous said...

The word OBSERVE in "u grind them watery it will observe more oil when deep frying" should be changed to ABSORB