Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Posted by Picasa Before I post the recipe of this dish I would like to share a small experiment I tired in my cooking today. I was always worried how to include more veggies in my kid’s meal, as they don’t eat all kinds, these is why how I experiment few meals which turn good sometimes. But this Rasam recipe has turned out really great. Now my kids ask me to prepare everyday. Here is what I did, I hope even u all will like it.


1 Tomato.
2 Carrots.
1 Beetroot.
1 Celery.
1 Onion sliced.
Salt to taste.
¼ tspn turmeric powder.
1 tspn lemon juice (optional).
3-4 cups water
For seasoning:
1-2 tspn oil.
1 whole red chillie.
1 tspn mustard.
10-15 curry leaves.
¼ tspn hing (asafeotida).
1 clove garlic crushed.
Fresh coriander for garnish.


In a saucepan boil tomato, carrots, beetroot, celery. When the veggies are boiled blend them using the blender into a smooth paste. Take a saucepan and heat it, when the saucepan is warm enough add oil to it. When the oil gets warm add the whole red chilli and mustard. When the mustard seeds starts cracking add curry leaves, Hing and crushed garlic and wait for the aroma. Later add onion sliced and fry for a second, then add the veggie paste to it and add enough water, then add turmeric powder salt and cook well. When the rasam is well cooked garnish with fresh coriander. ( If u want u can add lemon juice to your rasam at last when it is well cooked).

The taste was so yummy , I hope you all will like it give a try and let me know how you all liked it.


Lakshmi said...

even i'll try when i make rasam,same problem with my kids.

LERA said...

Thanks Tanuja,for your Greetings! I wish you and your family a happy Ugadi and a prosperous new year!