Friday, March 31, 2006


Posted by Picasa Friends come lets have ugadi vindu bhojanam. The menu consists of Maamidikaya pulihora, purnallu,aritikaya bajji,white rice,sudda pappu, bendakaya pulusu, potato fry, channa masala, papad,last but not the least curd. Andhrites meal is not complete with out curd and they serve mangoes with the curd. The main dish of the festival is ugadi pachadi which resembles the joy and sorrow of a human. The ugadi pachadi consists of tamarind plup made out of new tamarind, jeera(cumin)bellam(goud in hindi) honey,raw mango,sugarcane,and the raja of this pachadi ofcourse veppa puvvu( neem flower).

In my house backhome on the day of this festival my mom use to wake us up early in the morning and asks us to decorate the front yard with beautiful rangolis(muggulu), and she used to tell my brothers to tei the torans made out of mango leaves to the doors and this way they use to welcome the festival in a grand style,I spent my child hood having these type of meals for any festival sitting along with the whole family, during we eat our meal we used to share jokes with uncles, aunts, cousins, As my grand mother was the elder member of the family she used to serve us the meals with help of my mom Now i some time feel where are those precious days we spent in our child hood. When I see my kids I feel they are missing so many things in their life's. Even in our busy life style we prefer to sit and enjoy the meals with the kids and tell them about our customs and culture.In this way we pass our customs and tranditions to our next generation.


Shilpa said...

Hi Tanuja, The picture looks soo tempting. It reminded me of festival lunch at home.

Tanuja said...

Thank u shilpa:)

Indira said...

Hi Tanuja,

Ugadi Subhakanshalu!

Festival meal on banana leaf looks splendid. Your friends are lucky ones.:)

Where did you get the banana leaf?


Santhi said...

Vindu bhojama chala bavundandi tanuja. Ur friends are very lucky.:)

Tanuja said...

Hi Indira,

Thank u same to u!

Naa friends antha meeru andarega indira:) maaku International farmers market ani undi Atlanta lo we get everything there even mamidi akkulu kuda dorukutayi.

Tanuja said...
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Tanuja said...

Hi santhi aa vindu bhojanam mee kosame santhi" come and join us:)

Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
Mee vindu bhojanam chala bagundi.I
expected this from yday itself from one of our bloggers.Nice to hear that u will get mango leaves also.Here,In Mexican FoodMarket we will get rawmango and bananaleaves.But,mango leaves r not there.Good to see nice feast from u.

Kitchenmate said...

Great spread there, i am drooling :)

KrishnaArjuna said...

Vindu bhojanam chaala baavundi.

sailu said...

Vindu bhojanam chaala baagundi,Tanuja.
Ugadi Subhakankshalu!

Lakshmi said...

Vindu bhojanam chaala baavundi.
kurchoni tinnala annipistundi Tanuja.
Ugadi Subhakankshalu!

Anonymous said...

Is this a traditional fare and all those dishes are compulsory?