Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mango Lassi/Mango Yogurt drink

Posted by Picasa Another cool cool drink for the summer evenings to serve the dear one:). Its very easy and healthy for the kids. we can use fresh fruit or even canned mango pulp also tastes good.


1 Cup ripe mango pulp.
3 cups plain yogurt.
1 cup water.
1/2 cup sugar.
1 tspn roasted cumin powder.
pinch of chat masala(optional).
ice cubes.
mint leaves to garnish.

To make the Roasted cumin powder, Take a fry pan and heat it, later when the pan is warn enough add the cumin to it and dry roast the cumin without adding any oil. When the cumins starts leaving the aroma remove from the stove and leave it aside for the cumin to get cold. Later when the cumin is cold enough grind the cumin to a fine powder. This powder can be used for raitas, chats, Dahi wada( north indian style) and can also use in gravy curries to add extra flour to the dish.


Take the blender jar pour the first four ingredients and run the blender till everything mixes well, later add the roasted cumin powder and run once again the blender for a second. Remove the lassi for the jar and serve it with ice cubes and mint leaves garnished. Enjoy the yummy taste of the mango lassi with ur family and friends.

Chat masala can also gives the lassi a different flavour if u want to give a try.


radhi said...

wow tanuu!! amazing recipes.

enta maarindO nee blog. :) The last time I saw your page, you had one recipe in it :D

it is so inspiring. nEnu koodaa naaku telisina naalugu vantakaalu rayalsinde :)

you keep going gal.

Lakshmi said...

bavundi Tanuja, nenu just mormal ga chestanu, e method try chestanu

RP said...

Both mango drinks looks really delicious. Cheers.

wheresmymind said...

Everytime we go for Indian food with friends they always order Mango Lassi's which are super expensive then complain because we might order a glass of wine! Lassi's at restaurants cost more than the wine...I'd rather make yours at home :)

Tanuja said...

Thanks for the comment radhi, lakshmi,Rp.

Thanks for visiting my blog wheresmymind, Yaa its very costly in resturants, u can give a try at home and enjoy the lassi its very easy and it will hardly cost u .50c for a glass.

Dhonatneth said...

Hi Tanuja, wow... i like Lassi's drink. one day, i will try yr mango lassi recipe.
Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. :)