Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mamidikaaya Aavakaaya/Mango Pickle

India is famous for its spices as we all know that, Indians are famous for making Pickles. During the Mango season all are busy making the Mango pickle is different styles from different states. In Andhra we call this pickle as Mamidikaaya Aavakaaya,In karnataka they call Maminikaaya uppinikaai,In north they call Aam Ka Achar, I would like to know what other states people call this pickle, if u could share with us that would be great. TO know more about this pickle see Andhra Aavakaaya .
Mango slices,salt,red chilli powder
Oil,turmeric powder,mustard powder,fenugreek powder
Mix all the Ingredients together

4 cups sliced raw mango pieces.
1 cup salt.
1 cup red chilli powder(If u want to make it mild u can first add half cup and later u can add more to it.)
3/4 cup turmeric powder.
1/4 cup mustard powder.
1/4 cup fenugreek powder.
2 cups seasame oil.
10 garlic cloves crushed.


First wash the raw mangoes, well and wipe it nicely with a colth and let it dry for a minute. Meanwhile we can prepare the mustard powder and fenugreek powder, to make this powders we have dry roast the mustard and fenugreek seprately and grind them into fine powders. Now slice the mango into 2 inch slices and measure. Add this slices into a large bowl.

Now take the oil in a bowl and add the turmeric powder to the oil and mix well, later dip the mango slices into this oil mixture(by doing this the pickle will not spoil and it will stay for longer period). When ur done dipping the mango slices in the oil, now add chiili powder, salt,mustard powder, fenugreek powder and mix all together nicely later add the crushed garlic and remaining seasame oil and keep this aside remember not to use any wet containers or wet hands while making this pickle.

After mixing all the ingredients set this pickle aside covered in a safe place and let it marniate the pickle for 3 to four day so that the spice mixtures is well mixed with the mango slices. After 3-4 days mix the pickle nicely and taste it and check weather salt is correct or not if u feel its less add some more to it(If salt is not enough the pickle will get spoiled very soon so we should see that the salt is perfect in this pickle. Now store the pickle in a air tight glass jars or procliam container and store them. This pickle can be preserved for more than a year.

This recipe is my contribution for Indira's Jihva.


Indira said...

Aa... mango pickle in 'jaadi', just like how they prepare and store, back in India. How neat!
Thanks Tanuja for participating in this event.

KrishnaArjuna said...

Avakaya one of my favorite pickles. Nice presentation.Oh, boy aren't you lucky to find the perfect mangos for making pachadi.

Anonymous said...

can i know where to get the mangoes and how to judge for their suitability to pickle making
thanks and the site is very good

Lakshmi said...

abba, chustu vunte ne tinnala annipistundi Tanuja,

Tanuja said...

Thanks Indira.

Thanks Arjuna,Yes Arjuna I am really lucky.

Hi Anonymous Thanks for visiting my blog, Before buying mango smell the mango if it is ripe u smell it sweet and if not it smells like milk. And we can make out by touching the mango the raw mango is green in colour and its not soft when we touch it. I found these in Indian store, u can even try in chinese stores or mexican stores.

Thanks lakshmi,tinnali annipiste tineyatame:) mee intiki mail chestaa lendi.

Saffron said...

looks wonderful! that is a good tip about dipping the mango pieces in oil first. thanks for sharing!!


Luv2cook said...

Tanuja gaaru:

Bhale chesaru meeru aavakai. Nenu idhi tappakunda try chestaanu!

Revathi said...

You do have a lot of patience to prepare the pickle at home. I am tooo lazy for that Tanuja. I like the way you used the jaadi to store it. Cool post

Ashwini said...

I loved your ceramic mum uses the same in her kitchen! Lovely presentation

Vaishali said...

I love your pickle. It's so easy to make. Can I make it without garlic? It won't be authentic then, but it should still taste good, right? Let me know and I'll bookmark it for myself.

Tanuja said...

Thanks for the ur comments safforn,l2c,revathi,ashwini.

Hi vaishali, U can make this without garlic too that also taste as same as now.

Vaishali said...

Thanks. This one is bookmarked for me now. Btw, I have added you to my blog roll. I wonder why I didn't do it earlier. Anyway, hope you don't mind.

Lakshmi said...

Hi Tanuja,
ippude chusenu, miru naadi first ante, e month list vetikenu, malli doubt vachhi archives chuste kanipinchindi, bavundi.

Menu Today said...

Nice Avakkai recipe and clear explanation. Thanx for sharing the secret of making avakkai..

archana said...

Ohhh Dear, dear Avakka mang. Thank you for blogging this, i loved it

AnuShah said...

It looks so wonderful... I will definitely try this avakkaya...Brings back memories of mom n aunt making each powder first and then mixing it with oil ... I'll stop :-)
Thanks so much ..


Santhi said...

Tanuja, aa pachaid jaadi naaku mail chestara??? chustu unte notlo neellu oorutunnayi...

Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
I had a some problem with net.SOo ,iam not able to comment from the past 6 days.
Your entry is perfect andhra food.
I do like to make this aavakai.Nice
presentation and where is curd rice,tanuja?

Anonymous said...

Wow,all of you are incredible cooks. Wonderful. One more thing tanuja is that painting done by you and those barbie dolls in our indian costumes look superb. Kindly let me know how did them. Your daughter and son are cute too.

Tanuja said...

Thanks for adding me vaishali.

Thanks menu today,archanat,anushah.

sure tapakunda santhi antha kantena:)

Thanks vineela, yaa net tho eppdu edokati vastune untundi problem, avvakaaya snap teesanu kaani peru anam teeyatum marchipoya ee sari tappakunda mee kosam teestaa.

Thanks anonymous, yaa Its my painting, the barbie indian dolls are not made once I got it from indian in my last visit.

Anonymous said...

Hai tanuja,
Thats a wonderful painting. Did u got those dolls from hyderabad? Do post rest of ur paintings and let me have a feast to my eyes.

Lera said...

Tanuja, you are tempting me with these yummmmmm pics....I just love Mango /Aavakaaya pickle. The ones with jaggery is my fav..

Harini said...

Tanuja...just happened to bump into your Blog..excellent blog and thanks a ton for the avakaya recipe
will you also have the recipe for Panchadara Avakaya or Bellam avakaya
its my favouirte....request you to share...

Sanjana said...

Nevr knew that Avakkai pickle cld be this simple. I have always thought that it involves lengthy and laborious process. Anyhow thanks for sharing this.
Also I cam across this very simple to make Ginger Mango

Vetrimagal said...

I stumbled into this blog when i was searching for Gonkura pachadi.
I am overwhelmed when I heard the songs on your blog.
Great idea. and thanks.

The Avakkai sounds authentic. Thanks once again;
God bless

Anonymous said...

Thanuja garu,
way of avakaya
presentation is very good
i tried your pickle.
so i want to share my experience,
i.e i used turmeric powder mentioned in ingrediants list.
my pickle was spoiled. so please check that whethere it is 3/4 cup
or 3/4 spoon.

Anonymous said...

i agree with triveni, please correct the recipe, it should be 3/4 spoon not cup!!

my pickle is gone too!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hai tanuja dont u think its too much turmeric... I have tried ur recipie and it was smelling turmeric...

Anonymous said...

Hello, the recipe and the way it is written is very nice.Could you plz give the recipe in GRAMS instead of measuring it with a cup?
Thanks in advance