Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Aaritikaaya Wada/Raw Banana wada

Posted by PicasaTo make these yummy wadas we need:

1 raw banana.
1 small onion sliced.
2 green chillies sliced.
1 tspn besan/chanaga pindi/chick pea flour.
1/2 tspn cumin seeds/ jeera/jeelakara.
fresh coriander leaves.
oil to fry.


First take the raw banana and slice it into 4 pieces and pressure cook it until its ready to be mashed like a potato. Take the boiled banana and mash it finely then add the sliced onion,sliced green chilli,besan,cumin seeds,salt and coriander leaves and mix all the ingredients well . If u feel the consistency is dry add little water to make the batter perfect to make the wadas.

Heat oil in a deep fry pan, when the oil is warm ur ready to fry the wadas. take the mashed banana in a lemon size ball in the wet hand and press them into flat wadas, drop them in the sizzling oil and fry till golden brown. Later remove from the oil and serve them with hot chilli sauce or ketchup.


Lakshmi said...

raw banana vadala, bhale vunayi, nenu yapdu cheyaledu Tanuja, chestanu, intlo stock vunayi, chesi cheptanu.
pillalu yalla vunaru, are they fine now.

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Tanuja, I make raw banana bhaji's but never tried your way of cooking. This sounds very interesting. Will try soon!!

Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
Wow ,nice vada.mummy also will make these but i never tried to do .
let me try and tell you, tanuja.

Santhi said...

my mom makes this all the time tanuja....
I have a few times, but not in a long time

RP said...

Looks delicious tanuja. It is great to learn different ways of cooking a vegetable.

Tanuja said...

Thanks lakshmi,pillalu bhaga ista padataru try cheyi,kids are doing fine now thanks for asking.

Thanks priya I am sure u will like these try and let me know.

Thanks vineela try cheyandi.

Thanks santhi nenu amma dagare nercukuna ivi.

Thanks Rp, Yaa its right always eating the veggie in the same way is boring we have to keep on try something new here in the blog world I learnt a lot.

Lera said...

This recipe sounds interesting ! plan to do this next time i get hold of a Raw plantain.

sailaja said...

I prepare these often..:)

Anonymous said...

No skin on the banana right?

Anonymous said...

it looks delicious,i did not try it but looks yummy and i am going to prepare it tomorrow itself.

sweta said...

it looks great will prepare it soon and will reply back