Sunday, June 18, 2006

10 Things I miss my families cooking meme

Thanks to Vineela and Sudha for tagging me for this great meme.When we remember amma the first thing we miss is amma chethi mudda,Now I am mother of 2 kids but even now I feel like I am small baby when I see my mom.I am proud to share about four great ladies in my life who are excellent cooks in this world.

The First lady is my great grand mom(grandma's mom).

I miss her sudda pappu with kodiguddu pulusu she cooks this lentil in a clay pot not on the stove top she use to cook the dhaal on the charcoal stove(bhoggula kumpati), the taste I cant forget till today.
I miss her gongura pachadi.
I miss her sweet bonda which she use to prepare with ragi flour and jaggrey.

The second lady is my grandma/ammama.

I miss her minappa garellu/urad dhaal wada and fresh coconut pachadi,chekkalu,chakodeelu,punugulu..............
She makes the best sweets the list of sweets are so many.
I miss her wadiyala pulusu,vullava charu,pappu charu........

The Third is my mom who has been trained under the first two great cooks.

I miss her spuzzy Idlis and peanut chutney, pesarattu upma.
she makes the best krispy paper dosa,mutton biryani,kobari annam,bhisi bhele bhat, vangi bhaat,cakes.
I miss her pickles like mutton pickle,mamidikaay pachadi,chintakaaya pachadi...........

The Fourth lady is my mother-in-law.

I miss her rotti pachallu like vankaya dosakaaya,pachi meerapa kaaya .
I miss her chicken curry,fish pulusu.
I miss her pala kovva/coconut ladoos covered with sugar syrup.

If I keep on telling their is a huge list going on . I try to copy their cooking style but till today I cant beat them.Hope I can atleast become perfect like them when I prepare this dishes to my grand kids:).

I would like to tag Santhi Sailus arjuna


radhi said...

:) tanuu, that was cute. I miss my mom's cooking too. :(

That description of cooking in a clay pot on 'boggula kumpati' reminded me of the the days I spent in my granny's village during summer vacation.

KrishnaArjuna said...

Thanks for tagging me along Tanuja, I will get to the write up as soon as possible.

sudhav said...

Tanuja, that was a very very neat write up..ur so true when u said'Now I am mother of 2 kids but even now I feel like I am small baby when I see my mom". Irrespective anything one will always remain a child infront of mother isint tanuja? I remeber my mom saying how ever old you grow ur still the little one for me..The word Mother itself has such a great power..Any form of mother be it grand mom, motherinlaw, mom they are the best..isin't?

Vineela said...

Hi tanuja,
Nice meme and hope to see all your favourite recipes.

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Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have four moms! How old is your great grandmom,btw? I hardly saw one of my grandmom and never saw the second one. :(

Puspha said...

Sounds delicious. Hope tat u'll blog on all of them.