Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My little Garden

Here is my small garden corner,It has moggra/mallepuvullu, kanakambaram, madara,gullabi,bhanthi,karivepaku,menthi kura.I have passion for gardening due to no much space as I stay in an apartment I use my patio corner for my gardening. I wanted to share with all my friends.

Menthi Kurra close up
Menthi Kurra
Karivepakku/Curry leaf
My garden corner
Kanakambaram/Crossandra/Firecracker Flower
  Posted by Picasa Diksha asks for orange flowers every day
Garden view
My gardens first rose of this year


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! I am so happy seeing your little garden, especially the patio garden. I know how hard it is to grow everything in a patio,especially to carry the heavy bag of soil etc.
Really really great Tanuja! And they all look beautiful!

I didnt know you like gardening, welcoming you to participate in the Green Blog Project

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanuja,

where did you get malle puvvu and kanakambaram in US?

Tanuja said...

Thank u lg,
I would love to be part of the green blog project.

Hi anonymous,
I got them in HOME DEPOT.

Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
iam very happy to see your plants.Kanakambaram,roja,banthi,karivepaku .very nice tanuja.
Karepaku ela techaaru?
chala bagundi mee little garden..

sudhav said...

hi tanjua, how nice to see the flowers. I miss malli puvu so much. where did u get the seeds from tanju..

Tanuja said...

Hi Vineela,
Thank u,karivepaku I bought from India.

Hi Sudha,
Thank u,I got the malli plant from Indian store.Its even available in home depot.

archana said...

Wow, Tanuja, you are fabulous!!!! I was especailly happy to see the kanakambaram, but i think i liked that flower called DIKSHA, the best. Thanks for posting all these photos

Puspha said...

Gorgeous!!! Thanx for sharing.

Revathi said...

You have a wonderful garden. Its really cute. Btw kanakambaram in US ?????

shilpa said...

Wow...fabulous garden Tanuja. BTW..how do u grow curry leaves? I know coriander, fenugreek can be grown from seeds, but curry leaves?

Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
I tagged you for the meme.

radhi said...

Voyiii tanuu :)
nee garden adurs!
hmm..I'll put my garden pics soon.

It has been a long time I logged into the blog. How have you been?

sudhav said...

tanjua, i have tagged u for meme,10 things I miss of Mom’s cooking Meme .Hope u will play it..

KrishnaArjuna said...

Wow Tanuja, your patio garden is absolutely gorgeous!

Indira said...

Diksha looks so cute with flowers just like accha telugu ammayi.

kanakambaram chusi chaala rojulu ayindi, Tanuja. Mee container garden chakkaga unnadi. Menthi kuda chaala arogyamuga kanipistudi. Emi vanta cheya botunnaru, menthi aakuto?