Friday, June 30, 2006


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This is a traditional sweet dish served during festivals,My kids love this sweet dish when ever they visit India the one thing they ask my mom to prepare is this sweet dish.This is very easy to prepare and its good for health also.

Here comes the recipe for this:

Ingredients for inner stuffing:

2 cups channa dhaal/chickpea dhall.
21/2 cup jaggery grated.
1/4 tspn of Ilachi powder.
4-5 cups oil to deep fry.

For the outer layer we need:

1 cup urad/minappa papu dhaal.
2 cups rice.
1 tspn salt.


First soak the urad/minapa papu and rice together 4-5 hrs and after its well soaked grind them together in a blender and make a fine batter, the batter should be like dosa batter consistency. Add salt to the urad batter and keep aside.

Now boil the channa dhaal/channaga papu in the presure cooker,later when the dhaal is cooked drain the water and add jaggery to it and cook again mixiing both channa dhaal and jaggery together.We have to cook this until its well cooked and its ready to form balls.(the dhall mixer should not be watery we should see that its dry enough to make good shape balls,If its watery we can give a good shape as well as when we fry them they splitter in the oil and makes a whole mess).When the dhaal is ready to make the balls take a lemon size dhaal mixture and make balls and keep them for 15 mnts in the fridge( this way the balls will become little stiff and it will be easy to dip them in the urad batter and fry and they dont observe more oil).

Now here comes the final part of cooking this dish.

Take the deep fry pan and heat the oil,when the oil is warm enough dip the channa/jaggery balls into the urad dhaal batter and drop them in the warm oil one by one and deep fry them till golden brown.When they are fried remove from the fry pan and serve them hot with few drops of ghee. and enjoy the dish:)

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This traditional dish of andhra is my contribution for
SailusJihva for ingredients JFI Event for dhaal for this month.


Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
This is my husband favourite and mine too.Grand mom used to do this for festivals.
Nice entry for jfi thanks for sharing.

Tanuja said...

Thanks vineela,

sudhav said...

Nice one tanuja, mom used to make these with the remaining of the stuffing of the poli during festivals..its a great entry to JFI..thanks for sharing..

archana said...

Hi Tanuja,
There is one traditional Kerala sweet very similar to this, green gram is used instead of chana dal, and the coating is a mixture of rice flour and AP flour. I collect Indian sweet recipes, and you just gave me one. Thank you and happy JFI

Indira said...

Memu veetini undrallu antaamu, Tanuja. Pellillappudu, maa intilo kaccithanga chestaaru ee pindi vantanu. Chaala ruchi karamina vantakamu chesaaru, ee event kosamu.

Krithika said...

This is very similar to Suyyam that we make. Looks delicious.

KrishnaArjuna said...

Poornalu chala bavunnai Tanuja, naaku okati pampistara? Naaku aa color raadu paakam. Ye bellam vaadataaru meeru?

indianadoc said...

God! antharu itla poornalu,polilu,sunnundalu cheisi petthe nenu vipareedanka perukipothanu...Poornalu ki okka kerala brother unthani meekku telusenandi?...aayina peru u a lot of 'sukh' eating it!!...The difference being that we fill it with whole green gram...

sailaja said...

Manchi entry, Tanuja. Love this traditional Andhra sweet.

Thanks for participating in the JFI - Dal event and see you at the round up.

nav said...


You have got some good recipes here :) Will add to my blogroll.


Shankari said...

hi, love that sweet, my mom used to make it for me

Priya said...

Hi Tanuja,
nenu comment chesinattu gurthu kaani ikkada kanipeeyatledu :-( . Naaku poornalu chaala ishtam..I completely forgot abt them after coming here..:-( Will try them sometime

sudha said...

Its been long time that i prepared this dish. I always have in my mind that it is very difficult to prepare, but your photo is urging me to try.

Tanuja said...

Thanks friends for ur nice comments and ur encouragement:))
Vineela,sudhav,archana,Indira,krithika,arjuna,indanadoc,sailu,nav,shankari, priya,sudha.

Sumitha said...

I noticed that so many comments are in Telegu!I dont know Telegu Tanuja,but one thing is for sure,purnalu looks yummy:)

Revathi said...

My favourite recipe. Incidentally someone had made this recipe to the temple... I popped a couple of them... Great great dish :)

Anu-Sachin said...

This looks goood ... I always had trouble initially with these. Now that I can make them, I will certainly try your recipe..

Meenakshi said...

Hey Tanuja,

Your snack truly befits the description of an appetizer!! It is reminiscent of the kozhukattai or Jilledu Kayi(also a festive sweet): the difference being that the former is deep fried while the latter is steamed!The outer coating of the kozhukottai is rice flour based, while the stuffing is pretty similar to that of the channa dal bonda. Believed to be one of Lord Ganesha’s favourites, it is prepared extensively on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Meenakshi at PRITYA

Venkateshwar Rao said...

Hi Tanuja,

Thanks for giving the recipe of Purnalu. Nuvvu neeku thelisina mana telugu vantala recipes anni pettu. Nee vantalu chala bagunnayyi. Nenu yeppudu try chesthu vuntanu nuvvu pettina kotha recipes.

Nuvvu nee valla(grandma's mom) vantalu miss avvuthunnanu annavu so dont worry nuvvu chesina recipes memu enjoy chesthunnamu kadha so nuvvu happy ga feel avvuthunnavu anni anukuntunnanu.
Inka mana telugu kotha recipes peduthu vundu so that the site will be good for all telugu bloggers.