Thursday, July 27, 2006


Busy Busy days are about to go:)I had not much time to spend on my blog for all these days due to my kids vacation they always keep me busy.Now its my time to keep myself busy:)Thanks to all of u for ur concern.

My family has craving for roti pachalu everyday as part of the menu for lunch or dinner.Roti means stone grinder which is alvailable in India these pachadi,s are not finely grind like paste these are little bit crunchy type of chutney.

Here is one of the pachadi I made today for Dinner.

Allum Vankaya with onion Pachadi:

For this pachadi we need:

Vankaya(Brinjal) sliced into big pieces.
6-7 green chillies.
1 inch piece ginger.
2 garlic cloves.
small lemon size tamarind(Imli).
1/4 tspn cumin seeds.
1/2 sliced red onion.
salt to taste.
oil to fry.
Fresh corinader.


First cut the Brinjal into big size pieces and leave them in salt water.

Take a saute pan and add 1 tblspn oil to it and heat up.When the oil is warm add green chillies, and cut brinjal pieces and fry till half cooked.

Now take a food processor and add the fried brinjal, chillies,ginger,salt ,cumin,tamrind and grind them all together.

Lastly add the sliced onion pieces and freshly chopped coriander to the brinjal mixture and mix well.

Now the pachadi is ready to have with hot steaming rice with some melted butter(ghee).


archana said...

Thank you, this pachadi is new to me. I love brinjal, so will give this a try.

indianadoc said...

tanuja...u have got all those typical andhra delicacies which has always been my favourites...Andhra food is just great and kodali's kitchen,superb!!

Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
Ohh i miss all my mom's pachachallu.Can you send me this?
i dont have mortar with me.
Pachadi looks yummy.
Is that your lil one in photo
Thanks for sharing .

Menu Today said...

Hi Tanuja,
Your pachadhi looks soooo delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Are those hands with bangle yours? :) Pretty!

Indira said...

Is that your hand, Tanuja? How pretty with all the rose colored bangles.

Roti pacchalla ruche varega untindi kada. Nenu kuda tarachuga rotilone pacchadi chestaanu.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

looks hot and spicy.Thanks for sharing.