Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kodigudu mullakaaya pulusu/Egg with drumstick tangy curry

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Here is one of the variety of cooking egg curry.This goes well with sudda pappu(toordhall cooked plain).


4 boiled eggs.
2 sliced onion.
2 sliced green chilli.
1 sliced tomato.
4-6 drumstick pieces.
2tblspn tamrind pulp.
1/4 tspn red chilli powder.
1/10 tspn turmeric powder.
1 tspn sugar.
salt to taste.

For tempering:
mustard seeds.
curry leaves.
pinch of asafeotida.


1.Take a sauce pan and heat the oil in it,when the oil is warm enough to temper add mustard seeds and allow to crack,later add hing and curry leaves.

2.After ur tempering is ready add the sliced onion and sliced green chilli and fry till golden brown.later add the sliced tomato and allow to cook for 1mnt.

3. In between take a lemon size tamrind and soak in warm water and take out the pulp out of it and add the pulp to the onion mixture.

4.After adding the tamrind pulp, add rest of the spices to the gravy mix like red chilli powder,salt,turmeric,sugar and mix well.

5.Now its time to add the drumstick slices to the gravy and allow to cook until the drumsticks are cooked well.

6.Now its time to add the main part of this curry the eggs.peel the boiled eggs and give the eggs a slight cuts and add the eggs to cooking tangy gravy and let it cook for a minute.

Now the egg pulusu is ready to serve.This sweet tangy spicy egg pulusu is my fav curry.I hope u too will love this dish.


Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
My hubby like this pulusu.Why now a days you are not posting frequently.Are you busy?

shilpa said...

Wow Tanuja, thats a good one. My hubby and I are big fans of egg as well as drumsticks. So I am gonnu try this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

sudhav said...

Hi Tanuja,thats so tasty pulusu.Yummy..yummy...will try this on sunday..and will let you know..thanks for sharing..

Sumitha said...

Eggs and drumstick combo is new to me,I have to try this combination the next time I get drumsticks coz the curry looks very good!

KrishnaArjuna said...

Egg & drumstick pulusu looks yummy!! This is one of my favorites too!

indianadoc said...

Chaala of my friends from Nellore often used to bring this for the lunch...and we all used to finish it!!

santhi said...

yummy looking Tanuja..

Loosk like vasukesh and diksha are keeping u busy in summer...:):)..

Looking forward for ur entry for JFI#4

Lera said...

It's yummmmmmmmm! tanuja been a while since i got to see your posts...Thanks for the recipe.sounds a great combo.

sudha said...

Hi tanuja..Its our favourite dish too. Thanks for sharing.

Latha said...

Hi Tanuja,

I have been craving for some Kodi Guddu Pulusu.. Will try this soon and let you know.
Thanks for the yummy recipe.