Friday, August 11, 2006

Mini Hot Dogs

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I always have problem making something special for the details,as we all know kids always look for something different ,I am a fan of Food network I watch regurlary sandalees quick and easy meals, here is one of her innovative idea which I gave a try and it was a super hit.My kids started asking me to make them everyday for their breakfast:)

To make this its very easy and healthy for the kids too.

We need:

1 pack biscuite dough which is avaliable in an american grocery stores.
1/2 pack of smoked Turkey/chicken sausages.
1 cup of sherded cheese.


Pre heat the oven on 350dg meanwhile take the dough out and make it into equal lemon size balls and press each ball into flat like shape and rool them with sherded cheese and arrage a sausage in between the dought and give a shape like its shown in this picture and arrage all in the baking tray.
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Now time to take the tray and place it thw hot oven and bake it for 10 to 15 mnts,After 10 mnt have a look at the dogs if they are ready to remove ,take them out of the oven and let them rest for a few seconds.When they come out of the oven they look like this.
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Serve them to the kids with a glass of juice or a cup of milk on the side and look at their glowing faces while having them.This can be served as a snack for kids birthday parties,Here is how my daughter likes to have them.
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As my daughter birthday is arriving I would like my fellow blogger friends to suggest me some kids fav snacks.I have few more which I liked from the food network shows and I have tried them I will be sharing those shortly.


indianadoc said...

hmmm...that's interesting... so u are planning to beat Mcdonald's!!

sudhav said...

Good one tanuja, they look so colorful,im sure kids must have enjoyed them a lot.

Regarding the bth day party snacks, i think you can try vineela's little heart check here tanuja

I feel kids really like this very much..and apart from that you can think of poori and baji and some chips.

ms said...

these are also called pigs in a blanket by some of my american friends.I suppose you could also wrap the hotdogs in phyllo dough for a slightly different touch. Happy eating!

Anonymous said...

This is great!

Foodie's Hope said...

I was giong to say 'pigs in the blanket' too , ms beat me to it :)

Usually wrapped with puff pastry and baked.I made them for my kids B'days!