Monday, August 14, 2006


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Vijayi vishwa tiranga pyaara
Jhanda uncha rahei(n) humara
Sadaa shakti sarsaane waala,
Prem sudha barsaane waala,
Veero ko harshaane waala,

Maatru bhoomi ka tan-man saara,
Jhanda uncha rahei(n) humara.

Swatantra ke bheeshan run mein,
Lakhkar josh badhein
kshan-kshan mein,
Kaape shatru dekh kar man mein,

Mit jaye bhay sankat saara
Jhanda uncha rahei(n) humaara.

Is zande ke neeche nirbhay,
Rahei(n) swaadheen
hum avichal nishchay.
Bolo Bhaarat maata ki jay.

Swatantrata ho dhyey humara
Jhanda uncha rahei(n) humaara.

Aao, pyaare veero! Aao;
Desh- dharm par bali-bali jao
Ek saath sab mil kar gaao,

“Pyaara Bhaarat desh humaara,
Jhanda uncha rahei(n) humaara.

Iski shaan na jaane paaye,
Chaahei(n) jaan bhale hi jaye,
Vishwa vijay karke dikhlaaye,

Tab hove praan poorna humaara
Jhanda uncha rahei(n) humaara,
Vijayi vishwa tiranga pyaara.”

The recipe for the FOOD PARADE conducted byINDIRA is Royala kurra.This recipe is originaly from my home town vijayawada,As we all know this city is famous for Durga temple, The cusine of this city is vast its famous for its pickles like Mamidikaaya,Gongura,Allum,Chicken,Fish,Royalu etc... The famous company which is well known for pickles all over the world PRIYA was born from this city. I would not bore u all telling more about my city.

As a tribute to my motherland I am here sharing the recipe of my grand mother which has been passed to us as a gift:)Here is the recipe.


2 LB Cocktail Shrimp(Royallu).
2 medium onions sliced.
2 sliced green chillies.
1/4 tspn mustard seeds.
few curry leaves.
fresh coriander to garnish.

For the Masala:
1 cup fresh grated coconut.
1tblspn poppy seeds(khuskhus/gasagasalu/gasagase).
1 tspn garam masala.
10 cashews powdered.
1 tspn red chilli powder.
1/4 tspn turmeric powder.
salt to taste.

First grind all the masala ingredients into fine paste and set it aside.Later take a fry pan and heat the oil,when the oil gets warm enough add mustard seeds and allow them to crack,now add curry leaves,sliced onion,sliced green chilli and fry them till half cooked.

Now when the onions are half cooked add the masala paste which we have grinded and let it cook till the pan starts leaving the oil.When the oil starts leving the edges drop the cleaned shrimp and fry for few seconds later add enough water to make it a good gravy and let it cook until the shrimp are well cooked with the masala.Now ur Royala Kurra is ready to transfer to a serving bowl.Granish it with fresh coriander and serve with fried rice or naan, If u taste once u will never forget the taste of it I assure u that:)

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sudhav said...

Jhanda uncha rahe hamara...i salute to all the freedom fighters who have made our life a heaven by fighting for us to get them..Vanthe mataram.

Shankari said...

nice one! I am so glad all of us feel so strongly about independence day!

Puspha said...


Happy independence day.

KrishnaArjuna said...

Happy independence day!
Royyala koora looks delicious Tanuja!

Anonymous said...

Happy independence day!

Gini said...

That was actually fun. I sang with the song quite a few times. Reminded me of the assembly sessions in school on Monday mornings. Those were the days!

Prema Sundar said...

Me too . Reminded of my school days.Happy Independence day( a little belated).
Good recipe!!!

indianadoc said...

except for the poppy seeds it is exactly the way we make...cultures overlap in this great land...a true potpourri!!

Vineela said...

hi tanuja,
Thanks for the Tiranga song

Lera said...

Nice post! Tanuja, you have given our country a beautiful expression...:)

sudhav said...

Tanuja, busy with Diksha's bth day preparation isit? waiting to see the photos of the bth blast...

sailaja said...

Happy Vinayaka Chavithi to you and your family, Tanuja.

sudhav said...


indianadoc said...

Tanuja,yenti busy na meeru? Salute cheisi chaala rosulu aayipoyinthey?....Happy chavithi n do come with some wonderful posts soon!!

Vineela said...

Hi Tanuja,
Happy Vinayaka Chavithi to you and your family.

csperez said...

great post! food looks delicious

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Tanuja,

this is my first time visit to your blog.Nice presentations.

PD said...

the prawn curry looks really yummy. a definite keeper.

thanks a lot Tanuja for sharing.